Monday, October 15, 2007

Alert the Nobel Committee

You have to give Congressional Democrats credit, in the most perverse sense of that word.

In their effort to undercut the War in Iraq, they've left no option unexplored.

Tried to cut off military funding. That didn't work.

Proposed "balancing" home and deployment time for troops--severely limiting the ability of military commanders to put enough troops in the field. Couldn't pass that one, either.

Created arbitrary deadlines for a military withdrawal. Soundly--and wisely--rejected.

Smear the U.S. commander in Iraq through an activist group-sponsored ad in The New York Times? Blew up in their faces.

So, it was back to the drawing board, and now they've hit on a strategy that, at first blush, appears to have some traction. Last week, Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues in the house passed a resolution, condemning Turkey for the "genocide" of 1.5 million Armenians during World War I.

At first, the measure seemed a little odd. The event occurred almost 95 years ago. Relations between Ankara and Yerevan are still rocky, but both sides have expressed a willingness to continue their dialogue, and establish relations without any preconditions. And, from our perspective, Turkey has become an important U.S. ally (and NATO partner) over the past 60 years. Our bases in Turkey provide important logistical support for the War in Iraq.

Which, of course, is why the Democrats passed the resolution in the first place. In the guise of "human rights," the Dems sponsored a resolution guaranteed to upset Ankara, and (potentially) jeopardize the flow of personnel, equipment and fuel into Iraq. As Defense Secretary Robert Gates explained:

70 percent of the U.S. air cargo to Iraq flies through Turkey. He said 70 percent of the fuel requirements of the U.S. military in Iraq also moves through neighboring Turkey.

Officials said Turkey also serves as the route for new U.S. armored vehicles to Iraq. They cited the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles, designed to withstand improvised explosive devices.

"For those who are concerned that we get as many of these Mine Resistant Ambush Protected heavy vehicles into Iraq as possible, 95 percent of those vehicles today are being flown into Iraq through Turkey," Gates said on Oct. 12.

And naturally, that means nothing to
Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Hoyer, and the rest of the House Democratic leadership. The only issue that counts is gaining the upper hand on Iraq, and forcing some sort of withdrawal. If that means jeopardizing relations with Turkey, so be it.

It's a "strategy" that is absolutely feckless and completely beneath contempt. But the Democrats are willing to try anything in their efforts to undermine the war, even if endangers American troops in Iraq, or inflames NATO's critical southern flank. In their calculus, domestic politics trumps everything, including the war effort and critical diplomatic ties.

The U.S. does not brook genocide. But passing a resolution 95 years after the fact--and with obvious ulterior motives--does nothing to honor the victims. In fact, it actually cheapens a supposed show of support, making the genocide measure little more than a political stunt, aimed at ending a war that Democrats once supported--but now oppose.

Such is the state of today's Democratic Party.

P.S.--Did we mention that, thanks to the Democrats' resolution, Turkey is now considering an invasion of northern Iraq, a move that would destablizie the most secure (and prosperous) region of the country? Trying to stop the war in Iraq, they could easily trigger a new conflict, while re-igniting religious and ethnic hatreds that date back thousands of years. Alert the Norwegian Nobel Committee. At this pace, House Democrats will be serious contenders for next year's Peace Prize.


Epaminondas said...

And I thought I was cynical.

That would cross the line from stupid partisan tricks to some kind of more than misguided disloyalty. I don't want to say the word

Boghie said...



Pelosi et. al. could really be that stupid.

I have some center-lefty's at work here that see no problem with the resolution. They simply don't think we are at war. If we are in a time of ‘Peace as Far as the Eye Can See’ (like the era under the Great Clinton) than it makes sense to annoy allies and cut defense spending and capability.

They are too hair brained to be disloyal. They will not think there is a war on unless Osama breaks into their house and pees on their yoga mat...

And, I work for the Marine Corps. These folks get mad when one of the few Marines interloping on their 0730 – 1600 job cusses a little. It wasn’t like this three years ago.

Oh, the joy of civilianizing billets!!!

Boghie said...

By the Way Epaminondus,

I like the nom de guerre.

A little democratic fire in our culture would be a good thing - especially during a war...

Epaminondas said...

World's 1st neocon.
Left democracies in his trail until there was no Sparta left.

BTW, I don't like the timing...but there is no denying what it was in 1915.

Richard Heddleson said...

It's clear to me that a lot of innocent civilians got killed during the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. It's not clear to me that it rises to the level of a government organized and run genocide on the order of the Holocaust.

There's a real, genuine racial and religious genocide taking place right now as Arab Muslims butcher Christian Africans in Darfur. Has Pelosi organized a condemnation of that? Or is the problem that it would put her on the same side of the issue as GWB?

Blogger comments stink

Epaminondas said...

Actually, duck, the records of the american embassy staff at the time make it pretty clear.

We apologize for offending your blogolfactory senses

Corky Boyd said...

I don't think the House Resolution has passed the House. I think it was just reported out of committee. If Turkey is smart, they won't do anything rash that would hurt the administration. They are smart enough to know who their friends are in the US government. And they aren't Democrats.

I would hope they would use the same tactic the EU used when we imposed steel tariffs on them. After the WTO found us in violation, the EU was allowed to retaliate. They targeted industries in the home districts and states of those on the House and Senate Commerce committees. Amazing how fast the desire to maintainthe steel tariffs disappeared.

Likewise, my guess the Turks will target prominent Democrat districts for mlitary contract cancellations. They are part of NATO and buy US technology heavily. Wonder if Bechtel has any contracts with the Turks, they are headquartered in SF, Ms. Pelosi's district. Just a guess, but I think SecState Rice has probably delivered a list of pressure points to the Turks.

The game isn't over.

F said...

In fairness to Pelosi (don't ask me why I would want to be fair to her), Fresno and environs are heavily Armenian. Pelosi is probably responding in part to constituent pressure. Nah, that's too big a stretch. It's nothing but Bush Derangement Syndrome at work. F

Corky Boyd said...

Just a bit of historical perspective on the Armenian situation. There was a genocide. But in many ways Turkey's loss was our gain. A lot of wonderful productive and loyal Armenian-Americans now live here.

The real question is why is the issue so important to needs to be made a cause celebre now. This happened 92 years ago and under the Ottoman Empire. After WWI, when Ottomans were defeated, the visionary and pro western Kemal Ataturk took power. He formed a secular state and threw off many of the trappings of Islam. The written language was converted to latin characters from Arabic. While no excuse for a genocide, the bad blood came from more than religeous differences. The Armenians had actively joined forces with the invading Russian armies. When the Russians quit the war, Armenians had no one to fall back on. And they paid a price.

But to blame the current regime for for the sins of the Ottomans would be somewhat akin to passing a resolution against current Egyptian government for holding the Jews in slavery 3,000 years ago. Statesmanship is putting things behind us that serve no realistic purpose anymore, and working for the future. And the Democrats are exhibiting a severe lack of statesmanship.

But why? I suspect it is George Soros up to his tricks again. His MoveOn organization created the infamous BetrayUs ad for the NY Times. This backfired to the embarassment of the Democrats. Indeed the Wash. Post even ran an editorial yesterday acknowedging the success of Gen. Petraeus's leadership. Media Matters, indirectly funded by him, was the sparkplug behind the Rush Limbaugh intimidation letter. That didn't work either. It just totally galvanized the conservative base.

Mr. Soros, has stated he was willing to spend his entire fortune to defeat Bush. It appears he is willing to jeopardize relations with a loyal ally and hinder our efforts in the mid-east, to destroy Bush.

He is the hidden face of the Democrat party. No one knows his true agenda, but if the Democrats win the White House it will be his agenda they follow.

OmegaPaladin said...

This is a classic double bind. If we go ahead with this, we deliver a massive insult to Turkey. If we back down, we insult the honor of Armenia. Honestly, this has become a no-win situation.

Suggestion for Bush - condemn the crimes of the Ottoman Empire, and state that our ally turkey is not the same nation. Encourage them to follow the example of the United States in owning up to our own injustices (i.e. chattel slavery). Do not use the term genocide, but be strong.

Augurwell said...

'Max' thanks for slogging on.

I came to know a family that moved away from the Turkey - Kurd area and came to Canada about 1999. We got to discussing the problems there in the north-middle east and what might be a solution. It was explained to me that some border adjustments might go along way to fixing this problem - that 30 to 40 million people of the same type were divided by overlapping borders.

I have no idea how some people can live with themselves i.e. some Democrats, all peacenix and those opposed to fair-play such as anti-free market/anti-capitalists - they bring so much more meaning to words such as idiot and dupe.

I look around the world at all these places that are hell on earth to live in such as Iraq or Afghanistan used to be or USSR, or the Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Burma, Nord Korea, Arabia etc. (it's a long list) and see that at least some people are doing something about it, those opposed have no conscience in my estimation.

Some of the founders of the Republic were very dissapointed that the political set up that was created in the late 1700's fractured into divisions after the revolt - Democrats split from the original Republican organization and there has been trouble ever since. I am trying to figure out a way that we can get the act together again - the next advance of this experiment in democracy.

I don't have much respect for those who blather on about anti-imperialism or those who are contrary just to be contrary for no real reason. I see that there is a difference between a good empire and a bad empire. I suppose I'm getting round to the question of why we are not adding stars to the flag any more. Anything that unites good people is a good thing in my mind - I'm from the Canada and have been a long-standing servant of Her Majesty (this works both ways) and gives me a legal position as an ally right beside America in Iraq regardless of what prior Liberal governments have come up with. If this was not so I would take the Dave Crocket trail and say '...they can go to hell, I'm going to Texas.' where ever a Texas type situation may be.

It can be very amusing to see the antics and internal squawblings of the Democrat in action and to see evidence of how they operate. It is tragic that this has consequences on the country as a whole and by extension to the world... (There are Republicans who are in the same crowd - not as many though.)

I read some place that the wit of the Nobel prize commission is not fully appreciated - A Gore was awarded the peace prize for losing the 2,000 presidential election - this I can understand - but this wit is beyond me for I have not been able to fathom why Arafat was selected for the same award. (?)

Global Warming?
Try overpopulation!


We have to get this war over with the human race I've heard shall not be able to withstand the fourth generation of nuclear weaponry (in the hands of terrorists) and saying 'if everybody would just stop fighting' is pure fantasy and not a realistic solution. Sending in world National Guard is solution.

'There is a war between the left and right
A war between hard and the even
Come on back to the war...'
Field Commander L. Cohen

'Let's get it over with.'

'Old wars never die they just fade away.' Gineral Mac Arthur

O/T If we apply Geneva Convention many a terrorist can be shot for being out of uniform.


Corky Boyd said...

It appears the Armenian Genocide resolution is losing support rapidly thanks to blogs such as this. Rep. Murtha is recommending it not be brought to the floor of the House for debate and a vote.

This is another defeat for Democrats and a victory for those who support our country and its allies.

Details may be found in the NY Times today.