Tuesday, October 02, 2007

See It Now

CENTCOM has released video of the 25 September air strike that killed Abu Osama Al Tunisi, the Al Qaida "emir" responsible for smuggling foreign fighters into Iraq.

For the record, al Tunisi and two of his associates were dispatched with a pair of 500-lb bombs, one a laser-guided GBU-12, the other a GPS-directed GBU-38 JDAM. The munitions were dropped by an F-16CJ. While the jet is capable of designating its own targets (with an on board laser pod), employment of the GBU-12 may also indicate that U.S. SOF operators were shadowing al Tunisi, and provided the laser "spot" that guided that weapon to its target.

Incidentally, U.S. Central Command has released more details on al Tunisi's hand-written note, which was found in the safe house. It paints a picture of a terrorist leader who had been cut off for some time, unable to communicate with his associates. In his own words:

"I have been surrounded in Al ‘Awisatfor two and a half months because the road has been closed by the Apostate, and there is no other way."


“I tried many times to send letters thru the Brothers to our Father, God save him, but I have not received anything."

Guess Al Qaida's postal system isn't what it once was.

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F said...

I guess we'll have to take their word on it: all I see is a huge explosion taking out a building. From now on I want to see the guy standing out in plain sight with his post office portrait superimposed over the image. (/sarcasm). I can't say how happy I am this happened: it could hardly have happened to a more deserving recipient. Keep it up! F