Friday, September 07, 2007

In Case You Missed It

Senior Qods Force Link Captured in Karbala.

Bill Roggio has details; the MSM doesn't. No surprise there.

How many days until the Petraeus report?

H/T: Informationdissemination.


Unknown said...

More on the Iraqi front... actually the Finnish front.

(Yes, that's what I said.)

"Huge strides towards peace in Iraq were made during discussions between Middle Eastern power-brokers over the weekend, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister said today.

"Martin McGuinness said four days of Finnish talks involving politicians from Northern Ireland and South Africa were a major stepping stone towards a resolution of conflict in the troubled region.

"He was part of a team which yesterday signed off the Helsinki Agreement between members of Iraq's Sunni and Shi'ite communities which outlines a commitment to non-violence and democracy."


eatyourbeans said...

6 years into this thing, we should have a pretty good idea of the mindset of the enemy VIPs we capture. Do they talk or do they go for marytrdom they keep boasting about?

I suspect that martyrdom is strictly for their hordes of zombies but that their chiefs have a tender concern for their own skins. Care to weigh in?

Paul Wilson said...

Given that Iran has been our avowed enemy since 1979, we've had ample time to bone up on this particular foe. And yet it took until this year to formally designate the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group. I regard this as a decades-long bi-partisan failure. Despite lots of swagger during the 1980 campaign and despite the deaths of 200-plus Marines Reagan didn't do much of substance about Iran. It goes without saying that neither Bush I and Clinton do much. The bill is now coming due for not getting serious about the mad mullahs and for letting their regime fester.