Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Reading Assignment

Ralph Peters says America's enemies smell blood in the water. Type O, to be exact.

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RPB said...

While strained relations with our allies (I use the term loosely) can always be repaired, our reliability cannot. We are already known as the biggest liars/hypocrites in the world. We do not need this socialist in DC reneging on our promises to ensure world peace. It is absolutely ignorant bullshit that we are allowing an end to the Pax Americana by gutting our military and our respect in the world respect. What the hell is wrong with these people? Am I the only one that understands that this type of stupidity, combined with Bread and Circus welfarism, is what brought down Rome?

Stupidity has taken over our political system - its time to revamp it so no longer rests on the whims of populism. Our Federal Reserve bank, responsible for the health of our economy, has become a politicized institution along with our national intelligence apparatus and our Treasury. We are at the breast of passing legislation that will destroy entire industries (coal, fossil fuels). What the hell is going on here? Does our administration forget that international politics is a zero sum game and vacuums we leave will be filled in our absence? George, we are starting a slide towards failure, ruin and overture of our policies that have kept the world out of major power conflict for the last half century. We are disabling our benign, liberal (in the good sense) democracy's ability to intervene in world issues to stem major power conflict. Why are we doing this? What the hell is going on?

Why, why, why???