Monday, March 16, 2009


Michael Hoffman of Air Force Times has confirmed what the Danger Room first reported last week. An Air Force fighter shot down an Iranian UAV, in Iraqi airspace, last month. And it wasn't a case of "accidentally straying" across the border:

Coalition Air Forces tracked the Iranian drone for 70 minutes after it entered Iraqi airspace Feb. 25 before shooting it down 60 miles northeast of Baghdad, said 1st Lt. John A. Brimley, a spokesman at Multi-National Forces-Iraq, in a statement.

An Air Force F-16 actually downed the UAV, identified as an Ababil-3. Details of the engagement have not been released, but we still believe an AIM-9X was most likely used to destroy the drone.


Miller J. Wilson said...

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Yochannan said...

Oh Boy, here we go! Does anybody else get that old “feeling” again?
Any word on which Wing the F16 was from? I haven't kept track.

sammy small said...

AIM-9? I hope not. Any pilot that wouldn't take a guns shot on something like a UAV ain't worth his wings.