Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keep Flying

With the pending demise of Pajamas Media's blogger network, we'll be contributing articles to Our first effort examines the status of the Air Force F-22 fleet, after yesterday's fatal accident in California.

It's no real surprise that Raptors will keep flying while investigators try to determine the cause of Wednesday's crash near Edwards AFB. Safety "stand downs" after accidents--or a series of accidents--remain rare, but they are not unprecedented.

Readers may recall a two-week suspension of F-22 flight operations in 2004 (after another mishap at Edwards). More recently, much of the F-15 inventory was grounded in late 2007 and early 2008, following the crash of a Missouri Air National Guard jet. Structural failure caused the loss of that jet, prompting the inspection of other "Eagles" in air forces around the world.

Thankfully, the Missouri pilot was able to eject from his aircraft, but he suffered serious injuries. Early reports suggest that the Lockheed-Martin test pilot who died yesterday did not attempt to eject.


MDConservative said...

Good piece in general. The one thing I don't see people mentioning much at all is that this aircraft was at Edwards, home of testing. I do not believe they released the testing being done... but this is the place where they push the planes to (and beyond) their limits.

JoeC said...

Well now the link is broken. I get the dreaded 404 when clicking..... Demise of articles at the speed of internet!