Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back on Track

We recently chastised Ralph Peters for his take on the generals who've led the War in Iraq, figuring that his assessment was about Half Right.

Happily, Lieutenant Colonel Peters is back on his game today, with a superb New York Post column entitled "Winning in Iraq--and Losing in Washington."

As he observes, our military forces have made substantial progress on the ground in recent months, but politicians (of both parties) treat that as an inconvenience. Programmed for defeat, they're trying desperately to force a withdrawal and defeat the surge strategy, once and for all.

Peters ticks off an impressive list of recent successes by both U.S. troops and their Iraqi counter-parts. Yet in each case, these developments have--predictably--gone unreported or under-reported. And virtually no politician is touting these victories, either.

The last line of his op-ed says it best: perhaps the next presidential debate should be held in Baghdad.


nuke gingrich said...

you know? the baghdad debate idea isn't half-bad.

El Jefe Maximo said...

"Live from the Green's Saturday Night..."

If they had the debate in Baghdad, I bet people would actually watch.

Ronbo said...

The point is that we have no good choice except to win this "Rat War" we are fighting in Iraq.

The war must continue until victory!

Cheers, Ronbo