Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Really Happened in Georgia

An important reading assignment from Michael Totten. His lengthy piece completely debunks Russian claims that Georgia started the recent war in the Caucasus.

In fact, Moscow's version of events now reminds us of another whopper, circulated in September 1939. Trying to justify their invasion of Poland, the Nazis claimed that Polish forces had attacked a German radio station.

Testimony at the Nuremburg war crimes tribunal later confirmed what many suspected. The "attack" was an inside job, staged by SS operatives dressed in Polish uniforms. But, it provided the pretext for Hitler's invasion of Poland, which plunged the continent into World War II.


eatyourbeans said...

This is 30 degrees off topic, but I remember reading somewhere around the time that East Germany fell apart that when NATO officers had a chance to examine the former East German Army close hand they were stunned to discover how quickly their units could shift to combat readiness. How much more so, I'd assume, for the Russian army.

The question is relevant because it's possible that Russian are always ready to go.

Papa Ray said...

As has been proven in Iraq, uniforms, insignia and such are easy to get.

Papa Ray

davod said...

The East Germans may have been quick to shift to combat readiness, but I also read that the Germans when they united could not integrate anyone over the rank of captain because the others only knew how to do what they were told. No ability to adapt to changing situations on the battlefield.