Monday, August 25, 2008

We Support the Troops, But Not Their Success

Today's reading assignment from Pete Hegseth, Chairman of Vets for Freedom, at

Incidentally, if you were wondering if veterans would be among the "real people" showcased at this year's Democratic Convention, the answer is...umm...not really. Only one of the those individuals, selected to represent ordinary Americans, actually served in the armed forces. As for the rest, there's an Amtrak conductor who's concerned that his son-in-law who might have to deploy to Iraq and a Marine wife who's husband has served multiple combat tours, while she battles multiple sclerosis.

The veteran who is scheduled to speak, Xiomara Rodriguez, will address eroding benefits for former military personnel. The Marine wife, Beth Robinson, is worried about the impact of the slumping housing market on her family's future moves, and being a single parent while her husband is deployed.

It's a sure bet that neither Rodriguez nor Ms. Robinson will have anything good to say about the current administration, or its support for military families. But the speakers--and their topics--are consistent with the "victim" theme that will dominate this week's convention. Veterans and dependents without overwhelming personal issues or problems need not apply.

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DebbieKinIL said...

A noteworthy veteran, will be on on the DNC's on Wednesday, but she will not be a speaker. She is Tammy Duckworth.

This lady is awesome. She is one of the good ones from ILL-in-Noise. She is the Director of the Illinois Veterans' Affairs Department appointed by our Governor Rod Blagojevich,(the only thing he's done right lately). Duckworth's combat wounds in Iraq cost both of her legs and damaged her right arm. Duckworth was a BlackHawk co-pilot in Iraq.

From the agenda on the DNC site
"Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth will lead a tribute honoring those who give so much to secure our nation’s future – veterans, active duty military and their families. "