Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Moments in Aviation History

1903--Wright Brothers' first flight
1914--Aircraft used in combat for the first time
1927--Charles Lindberg flies solo across the Atlantic
1929--Jimmy Doolittle develops instrument flight
1941--First jet aircraft flies
1945--Enola Gay drops the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
1958--Boeing 707 is introduced
1969--Man walks on the moon
1981--First stealth fighter
1993--B-2 Stealth Bomber reaches IOC
1999--Air power proves decisive in Operation Allied Force
2008--Vermont firm introduces improved "piddle pack" for pilots

H/T: Air Force Times


Lela said...

Chock one up for female pilots; helping to develop the "midair defueling system." Do you think they'll be helping develop something for cross-country roadtrips as their next project?

chrisale said...

Great Moments in "Military" Aviation History perhaps... I don't see dropping the atomic bomb or winning decisively over Iraq as having anything to do with Aviation in general.

chrisale said...

I'm sorry, correction.. not Iraq... in Operation Allied Force

F said...

I regularly give instructional sailplane flights in desert conditions for 3-5 hours, and being able to relieve myself is not a joke: it's absolutely essential. And dehydrating is not an option -- glider pilots (all pilots, for that matter) need to be sharpest at the end of a five hour flight, when they need to judge altitude, distance, wind correction, etc. precisely. That is not the moment to be groggy from dehydration. Being able to keep hydrating and relieving myself is a matter of life and death. F