Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Reasons that Some People Shouldn't Vote

We're hoping that Neal Boortz puts up a link to an audio clip he played this morning, during the 10:00 o'clock (EDT) hour of his show. It was a man-on-street interview, first conducted for Don Imus's syndicated radio and TV program. The segment (again) illustrates why some Americans have not business in the voting booth.

Here's the set-up. Imus sent a reporter into Harlem, to talk with three likely voters. He began by asking them who they planned to vote for. Not surprisingly, all three said Barack Obama. When asked why they couldn't support John McCain, they cited opposition to the GOP candidate's "policies."

Then, the interviewer turned the tables on his subjects, assigning McCain's positions to Senator Obama.

Q: "Do you support Obama because he's pro-life or because he wants to keep our troops in Iraq to finish the job?"

Each of the interview subjects expressed support for one of the McCain positions--as long as it was ascribed to Mr. Obama.

And, during the same segment, none of the respondents voiced any reservations about Senator Obama's running mate, Governor Sarah Palin (emphasis ours).

For years, Mr. Boortz has suggested a method for keeping idiots out of the voting booth--restrict the franchise to those individuals who are net payers of income tax. He believes (as do we) that Americans who are "paying the bills" are better informed and more likely to make a reasoned decision in selecting our leaders.

Unfortunately, that theory only goes so far. There are plenty of rich liberals anxious to pull the lever for Obama, despite his vow to raise their taxes. Still, we find merit in the idea of limiting the number of morons who can cast a vote.

Think of it as chlorinating the electoral gene pool.


Unknown said...

This bit was first shown on Howard Stern, on October 13th, or even the week before. As usual he doesn't get the credit. Imus hasn't had an original idea since Moby Worm. see:
That being said this is a brilliant concept. Easily illustrates the 'racisim' and 'prejudice' on the part of the left. Viva McCain!

Unknown said...

Greg--Thanks for the correction and the link to the You Tube clip. I'll gladly give Mr. Stern credit for a brillant bit.

J.R. said...

You're absolutely right. As long as we're culling misinformed voters, let's get rid of anyone on the voter rolls who believes Senator Obama is a Muslim or an Arab, or thinks he's a socialist (but can't define socialism). Also, let's get rid of anyone who chooses to vote based on any spiritual doctrine that is not endorsed by their church's leadership (e.g. pro-choice Catholics, but also Young-Earth Creationist Catholics / End-Times / Eschatologists / 'extreme' Zionists / Wahhabis / etc. etc.). If we're going to disenfranchise folks, let's also take away the votes of anyone who votes against their own economic interests (e.g. rich Democrats... and by the same logic, poor Republicans).

Now the folks in Harlem, they at least know their candidate's name, and they can read and write... but they don't actually own any land and they're clearly misinformed, so maybe we should just shade their votes a little. Maybe only give them 3/5 of a vote until they learn to vote correctly.

Come on now... a means test for the franchise? Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

dhmosquito said...

Well, j.r., I'm not misinformed; I know Obama favors "redistribution of wealth", based upon what he told that plumber in Ohio.

Remember who said,

"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

(If you don't know, just do a Google search on that specific quote and see what comes up. Here's a clue: his first name is Karl.)

Well, evidently Mr Obama agrees with that philosophy. So I guess those folks in Harlem, in their obvious ignorance, will be voting for a Marxist, huh?

I wonder about the future of this country. I truly do.

BTW I already cast my absentee vote for Senator McCain, a TRUE American hero.

J.R. said...

mosquito -

Happy to hear you're enjoying your voting privileges (or rights, if you want to get picky). I wish there were a better system, but until we find one, I'm of the opinion that everyone should be allowed to vote. Sometimes I think everyone should be *required* to vote, like they do in Australia. Other times I think Heinlein was right, and only those of us who have served have really earned the franchise.

The Harlem data points are unsurprising (and almost certainly cherry-picked), and I'm sure you could conduct the same experiment in Texas or West-by-god-Virginia and find an equal or greater number of equally ignorant voters. Neither party has a monopoly on horribly misinformed voters, and I'm sure you've seen the IQ-vs-red/blue graphs that the nuts at DailyKos like to trot out.

As for redistribution of wealth, any government that provides services to the poor and establishes a progressive income tax system redistributes its wealth. Senator McCain has several very reasonable positions on curtailing gov't entitlement spending (e.g. Medicare) which involve providing service only to those poor enough to require it. If you believe that medical care has a value, and that transferring value from the wealthy to the poor is Marxist, then you'd better put Senator McCain on the list of Marxists, too.

I noticed you said "absentee ballot" - are you in the military? If so, thanks for everything.

Unknown said...

I thought this was going to be updated to give H.S. the credit, rather than Imus. Please correct. Thank you