Friday, October 03, 2008

Beneath Contempt

One thing about liberal "pundits," including those in the blogosphere. Just when you think they've hit rock-bottom with contemptuous comments, they find a way to reach a new low in public discourse.

The latest case-in-point is ABC Sports sideline reporter Suzy Shuster, who also blogs at the Huffington Post. Here's her "take" on "Sarah Palin's 'favorite campaign prop,' her five-month-old son Trig (H/T to Michael Bates at Newsbusters):

It actually came after the debate, when for seemingly the millionth time, Sarah Palin trotted out her piece de resistance, her favorite prop of this campaign season: her five and a half month old son Trig.

Why is this child up so late every time there is a camera op? Why isn't this baby sleeping in a crib or bassinet somewhere with a sleep sheep or some other sound apparatus lulling him into night-night? Is it just me or does it seem like she carts this poor child around like a living breathing example of how wonderful a mom she is? After all, she's more than adopted the "I'm just a mom, just like you moms out there, America" attitude.

But the truth is, if she was just like all you other Moms out there, America, then she'd know the best thing she can do for this infant is to make sure he is tucked safely in his bed and out cold at eleven pm. And please don't say well, maybe she doesn't have anyone to watch him. Believe that, and I've got a Bridge to Nowhere that I want to sell you.

As far as we know, Ms. Shuster doesn't have any children. So, her "offering" parenting advice is a bit like sex counseling from a priest. However, we are reminded that Shuster had her own, domestic difficulties last year, when she discovered her husband, fellow sportscaster Rich Eisen, had received racy bikini photos from Philadelphia anchorwoman Alycia Lane.

Now, we understand why Mr. Eisen was engaged in that "platonic," on-line relationship with Ms. Lane.


ADDENDUM: As an alert reader at Free Republic noted, Trig Palin's body clock is on Alaska Time, four hours behind the eastern time zone. So, when the debate ended at 10:30 EDT last night, it was "only" 6:30 for Trig. No wonder he was wide awake when the debate concluded. We're also reminded that infants tend to operate on their own schedule, as any parent who's been awakened at 3:00 a.m. can attest.

One more thing: we always thought liberals championed the idea of women "having it all"--balancing work, a successful marriage and children. Obviously, there's a different standard for conservatives. And conversely, we can predict Ms. Shuster's reaction if Sarah Palin had left Trig behind in Alaska, in the care of relatives or a nanny; something along the lines of "she's ignoring her baby," or "she's ashamed of her handicapped son."

Governor Palin really does get under their skin.


Ed Rasimus said...

Saying one thing and doing another is becoming a hallmark of the committed liberal. While feminists have been arguing for the complete woman with no barriers for years, seeing one show up who doesn't agree with them forces them to obfuscate. It reminds of when Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court. They couldn't deal with a conservative Black legal mind.

The second component of this is that they regularly demand dialogue on "the issues" and yet they focus on the inane, inconsequential and irrelevant. How many houses McCain owns, how late Trig is up, whether a friend of a friend had a DUI twenty years ago, etc.

Sauce for goose sometimes slops on gander.

zayne braun said...

Beneath contempt sure does explain it all.
"One thing about liberal "pundits," including those in the blogosphere. Just when you think they've hit rock-bottom with contemptuous comments, they find a way to reach a new low in public discourse." Just replace liberal with Spookr86 and you have your post to the letter. Maybe you should "rise above it" like you suggest the liberals do.

Papa Ray said...

No doubt it has been bad for Gov. Palin so far, but it will be as nothing compared to what they will throw at her in the next month.

KOS readers have already engineered (spammed) all of the polls. They even had a call to arms posted right at KOS demanding that each and every poster, spam the polls.

But I'm not sure they needed to as all of the media is in the tank for Obama and Biden.

It is going to be a disaster if Obama is elected. Together with a democrat congress and his new picks for the Supremes and federal judges we will all feel it.

Then of course after he forms and funds his National Civilian Corp and brainwashes them we will have really big problems.

Something else I should note. If you want to buy any more guns and ammo, you had better get to buying even if you have to take out a loan.

If you can get one that is.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Lela said...

Great post! I agree with Ed's comment; this is just another example of liberals not walking the walk after talking the talk. Sad isn't it....

Dick Stanley said...

Quite typical, actually. It's always the childless who offer parenting advice. Add in being a talking pinhead, and the temptation must be irresistable.