Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today's Reading Assignment

From today's Denver Post--hardly a bastion of conservatism:

CU Prof Churchill's Dismissal Finally Due

And the Post gets the reasoning right: Churchill should be fired for his long history of academic misconduct: "intentionally falsified research, plagiarized and ghost-wrote articles that he later used as references to prop up his own research." His remarks describing 9-11 victims as "Little Eichmans" were clearly beneath contempt, but they were also protected free speech. Colorado University officials have wisely focused on Churchill's academic fraud (which is not protected) and more than sufficient grounds to send him packing.

But the Post also raises the question we'd like to ask; namely, when will Professor Churchill finally be fired? He's appealed every ruling against him, and a university tenure and privilege committee recently split on a decision to fire Churchill, or merely suspend him. At this rate, the America-hating professor will run out of appeals after he's retired, or dead.

From our perspective, the case for Ward Churchill's ouster (for academic misconduct) couldn't be more clear. In the words of the Post, he's "been given the appropriate due process--and then some." Now's the time for university leadership to step up, fire Churchill, and make it stick.


Otter said...

The US Needs a Churchill!

... uhhh, just not This one.

Can we Chomsky, et al, are not far behind? No such luck... it would take a century to clear our colleges of Leftist Dhimmis.

Otter said...


Do you ever find yourself writing past entire words like that?