Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I applaud the President's veto of the irresponsible and dangerous Iraq supplemental passed last week by a narrow majority in Congress.

This legislation was the worst of all worlds. It would have imposed on our soldiers a binding deadline of October 1, 2007, to begin withdrawal, regardless of conditions on the ground, regardless of the recommendations of our military leaders - in short, regardless of reality on October 1. This was a deadline as arbitrary as it was inflexible - a deadline for defeat.

This legislation would have taken life-and-death decisions about how, where, and against whom our troops can fight and replaced the judgment of our military commanders in Iraq with the judgment of politicians in Washington.

The Iraq war is not 'lost' - but if this supplemental had become law, it would have been

--Senator Joseph Lieberman, 5/1/2007

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