Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today's Reading Assignment

...from Brendan Minitier at OpinionJournal. He writes about the Pengaton's vision for the "Long War" against terrorism and its root cause, "bin Ladenism."

Readers will note that the strategy described in heavily dependent on information operations, and defeating the enemy in the arena of ideas. The importance of that concept cannot be under-emphasized. Unfortunately, our efforts in that area are often undercut by our domestic media, which is often a willing mouthpiece for Islamofacism.


SeekerBlog.com said...

I think you meant "...cannot be over-emphasized"

SeekerBlog.com said...

Agreed that "defeating the enemy in the arena of ideas...[is] often undercut by our domestic media". If the media war were a rugby match, the U.S. didn't show up. But the international media show up every day, many with an agenda that seems closer to that of the Islamofacists.

I wrote an earlier post today which included some criticism of this Brendan Miniter column - not for his on-target media war comments, but because he seemed to be giving good marks to the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review [QDR 2006]. Further, a superior analysis of how to defeat "the enemy in the arena of ideas" is this essay by ex-Army intelligence officer Ralph Peters.

I'm very keen to read what Spook86 thinks of QDR 2006, and what the Pentagon priorities really should be.

Thanks for your efforts and illumination.