Thursday, February 09, 2006

Recommended Reading

A hat tip to reader Steve M., for steering me to this Saudi blog, The Religious Policeman. Blogger Alhamedi is a superb writer and does a terrific job highlighting the hypocrisy of Islamic fanatics who have fanned the cartoon "crisis." Meanwhile, Steve raises a very good question: why haven't western governments--including our own--been more critical of the Saudi role in this controversy? Something about the free flow of oil at market prices, I suppose?

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Unknown said...

The fanatics believe they can spread Islam through violence and coercion, as long as Muslim "moderates" and the west fail to oppose it.

It's easy for the west to laugh at fanatics who riot over the insult of a cartoon, but across the Islamic world (with the possible exception of Turkey) the intellectual and political elites tremble at the threat of Islamofacism. And the west provides indirect support for this movement by refusing to sharply criticize the crazies, let alone take any sort of decisive action. Lest we forget, the invasion of Afghanistan was preceded by dire warnings that our incursion would "incite" the entire Arab world. Obviously, that didn't happen, but every time we refuse to stand up to the Islamofacists, they use that as prima facie evidence that we are weak and they are winning.

From a Judeo-Christian western perspective, this approach makes no sense. But from an Islamofacist point-of-view, it makes perfect sense, and we play into their hands by falling back on PC statements, and saying that we "understand" their anger.