Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rathergate Revisited (Again)

Disgraced CBS News producer Mary Mapes is slithering around the country, trying to sell copies of her account of the Rathergate scandal. As we noted previously, Ms. Mapes still stands by her, reporting. In recent TV interviews she tries make the case that the memos on President Bush's ANG service "meshed" with other accounts of that period.

Unfortunately for Ms. Mapes' story (and her book sales), those nasty, unpleasant facts of Rathergate keep getting in the way. As Tigerhawk notes, Mapes has no meaningful answer for the authenticity issues raised by bloggers more than a year ago, and can't refute the findings of the Thornburgh panel, which investigated the matter for CBS News.

And, of course, Mary still has no response for this, Charles Johnson's flawless reproduction of the 1970s-era "memos" on his computer, using the default settings for Microsoft Word.

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