Monday, November 28, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The "Summer of Cindy" is apparently morphing into a Winter of Discontent for the nation's most famous anti-war activist. Fresh from her recent appearance at the National Press Club (where less tha a dozen journalists showed up), Ms. Sheehan launched her book tour in Crawford, Texas over the weekend. Once again, the response was underwhelming.

There is something satisifying--and utterly predictable--about the image of Ms. Sheehan, sitting at that table, waiting for adoring fans and fellow moonbats who never showed up. As we predicted in this blog a few months back, the liberal left would toss Ms. Sheehan over side once they found another icon or issue that seemed to resonate better with the moonbat brigade.

Check your watch, Cindy. Your 15 minutes of fame ended about eight weeks ago. Her celebrity waning, Ms. Sheehan is now left to mourn her son outside the media spotlight she so craves, and without the support of her family, which renounced her actions long ago.

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Wanderlust said...

Don't worry; she'll go back to Berkeley, where she will be venerated by the rich moonbat crowd as a goddess.

And she'll collect her $30K speaker's fees every time she stands in front of a podium.

She's first and foremost a media wh*ore. Period. And she knows how to play her base; it's just that she is playing too far away from it when she's outside of SoCal.