Monday, November 28, 2005

The Most Ridiculous Items of the Day

From California, there's word that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to hear the clemency appeal of convicted murderer (and Crips gang founder) Stanley, "Tookie" Williams. Entertaining Williams's appeal is bad enough; to my knowledge, the gang leader has never formally apologized for the murders who landed him on death row, and his organization remains a viable (and vicious) criminal enterprise. Making matters worse, Schwarzenegger reportedly based his decision (in part) on the lobbying efforts of rapper Snoop Dogg.

Not to be outdone, fellow rapper 50 Cent has conveyed high praise for President Bush, saying that the Commander-in-Chief is "incredible....a gangsta." 50 Cent also expressed an interest in meeting Mr. Bush to tell him "how much of me I see in him." The rap star also said he would have voted for Bush in the 2004, but his past convictions on felony charges prevented that.

Is the GOP making inroads with the hip-hop/gangsta rap set? I definitely see Karl Rove's hand in all of this, as a way of ensuring a Republican majority for decades to come. As the GOP tries to widen its hip-hop appeal, look for President Bush to affect a "doo rag" on his next long-distance bike ride, and the appearance of spinner rims on the Presidential limo. Word!

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