Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gang that Couldn't Leak Straight

Earlier this week, Congressional Republicans demanded an investigation into the recent leak of classified information about secret CIA terrorist jails around the world. Now, according to The Hill, the GOP's public call for an inquiry was almost derailed by a premature leak.

Meanwhile, some Senate Republicans are in no hurry to launch an investigation. According to Mississippi's Trent Lot, a GOP Senator may have been involved in a recent leak, and they're afraid that any inquiry would expose the guilty party.

Let's make this clear: any leak of classified information is a serious matter, and it demands a full and fair inquiry. This sudden hypocrisy by Senate Republicans is surpassed only by members of the MSM. Beyond the Valerie Plame affair, the press has little concerns about publishing or broadcasting sensitive information, regardless of the potential consequences. And, if we want these damaging leaks to stop, we need to indict a few offenders, whether they be reporters, or sitting members of Congress.

Britain has an Official Secrets Act, which prescribes severe penalties for the unauthorized release of classified data. Maybe it's time for an American version of that law.

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