Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Turn for the Dangerous

Our new article for looks at the implications of today's missile test by Iran. With the successful launch of a solid-fueled Sajjil-2, Tehran has re-affirmed its plans to field advanced missiles, capable of hitting Israel and U.S. targets throughout the Middle East.

But the Sajjil-2 is more than just a new Iranian missile. It's a first-strike weapon, designed to put a chemical, biological or nuclear warhead on an Israeli target with minimal warning. Over the past decade, Tehran has invested heavily in underground complexes for its short and medium-range missiles.

Some of those facilities--like the base at Bakhtaran--have launch portals built into the roofs of hardened bunkers, allowing missiles to be launched from inside. Such facilities are ideal for staging surprise attacks, and solid-fuel missiles support that strategy. They can be launched with minimal preparation, and the solid-fuel technology is less volatile that the liquid fuel used in older Iranian missiles.

As we note in the article. development of the Sajjil-2 reduces Israel's warning time to a matter of minutes. Liquid-fueled systems like the Shahab-3 require longer preparation time (more than a an hour in some cases) and--preferably--outside an enclosed bunker, where a fuel leak could be disastrous.


Ed Rasimus said...

Shall we start a pool on what date Bibi will act on a profile similar to last year's Syrian raid, with total deniability?

Then start predicting the stunned outrage of our administration and another waffling statement like the SecState made yesterday on N. Korea's trial of two American journalists.

Ahh yes, we do live in interesting times.

PCSSEPA said...

I put 300 dinars on May 24th and June moon.

RPB said...

Come on, first strike to absolute obliteration of themselves. There are a myriad of reasons to believe Iran getting nukes is very poor outcome for everyone. But they would not invite absolute destruction by striking first at Israel. Its a fools game especially when the Israelis have credible second strike from either:

a. hardened/hidden weapons
b. submarine launched cruise missile.

Not to mention the missile would likely be downed by the Israeli missile defense system they are constructing. Their first strike may not get through and may not wipe out any retaliation by the Israelis. Rest assured, the Iranians are fully aware a first strike will result in the obliteration of their country.

Iran will use these to threaten the Arabs more than to scare the Jews.

Augurwell said...



This may be off that topic a bit but this is a very important issue. Augurwell would think that terrorists would have to be kept in protected security in our prisons to prevent loyal American law-breakers from putting the shiv to them. For awhile, I thought that putting jihad zombies in the general populations of our prison would get them the 'Jeffery Domar' treatment or the same as child molesters. In Reality this is not the case. The Case is similar to that of the KGB's on going infiltrations of Organized Crime and Unions.

Sending foreign combatant criminals to crime school in U.S. prisons is stupid... the idea of putting them offshore at 'Gitmo' was a stroke of genius. If this is the way the U.S. is conducting things I need to check the seals here in Canada, check my weapons as well. We don't have 2nd or 14th constitution problems here, we have a gentlemen's agreement with the Crown concerning weapon rights. For example if I shoot one of those Irainian spies living in Toronto I shall get a middle - field execution of a spy. BUT I have to be right like 'Dirty Harry'.

Michelle Malkin

The way things are going our Ally in the middle east will have to use missiles to get past the AWACs we've sold to other allies. Obama had better not inform the Iran about this.

As strange as the ACLU is they need to know that the 'A' in ACLU stands for American it does not stand for Terrorist's liberties.


Augurwell said...


Suggested study:

Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England who bought the Suez Canal and saw Her Majesty Queen Victoria created Empress of India.

The Sun Never Set On The British Empire - nor dose it now.

(Victoria's Secret Service)