Monday, May 25, 2009

As We Remember

Our newest column for looks at Memorial Day, and some of the heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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joe said...

My heart is in my throat after reading your column.

I am a former spook as well, and friends/classmates of mine died in a crash during a "routine" mission during the 80's doing what spooks do best.

They also were young, and unlikely to be listed as "hero" types on a monument.... and then the right things happened. They have a monument to them at NSA and a building named after one of them at the Defense Language Institute.

I remember them often. And, frankly, I hope to see them in Heaven so that I can thank them for flying the mission that day. I never got to say goodbye, but I hope to say hello again.

Thanks to all the young men and women who serve each day and risk it all, peacetime or war.