Thursday, April 09, 2009

America the Patsy?

Today's reading assignment from Investor's Business Daily. As the editorial board notes, Russia has told the U.S. "not to worry" about a nuclear Iran, and to "go easy" on North Korea, despite that recent long-range missile test. They wonder: are we being set up?

The Islamofascist regime in Iran has denied inspectors from the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency access to its Arak heavy water reactor, which could be geared to produce plutonium from spent uranium fuel rods.

Yet we heard soothing words this week from Russia's ambassador to the U.S., Sergei Kislyak.

"I don't see any threat to the United States coming from Iran anytime soon," he told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


In a similar vein, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that "any threat of sanction" against North Korea in response to its Sunday launch of a multistage rocket over Japan, a violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution, "would be counterproductive."

More talk for a regime possessing as many as eight nuclear warheads after it sends up a missile reaching twice as far as anything it has launched previously?

Clearly, Russia wants to lull us into complacency regarding the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction among hostile regimes. Do Moscow and other adversaries of the free world sense an uncommon opportunity in the year 2009?

With an unprecedented financial crisis battering the West's economic system, and a man of the left in the White House, is Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's description of Barack Obama as "my new comrade" more than a clever sound bite?

Well worth the read.


PCSSEPA said...

Good read. Time well spent.

HL Shancken said...

The situation is correctly viewed only by operating from the premise that agreements reached at the 81 Party Congress held in 1961 are still operable today. Ample evidence exists to verify that the long-range strategy to defeat the United States, that was formulated under Shelepin during the period 1957-61 and unanimously agreed to by the leaders of 81 Communist parties from around the globe, remains the blueprint by which the Communists continue to wage war today, well into its 5 decade of operation.

Golitsyn warned us, but his character was assassinated along with James Angleton's by the very organization which we relied upon to counteract the efforts of the enemy.

MICE doesn't just refer to rodents. It is one of the most effective weapons an officers of the KGB have. Without MICE, the Shelepin plan might have been thwarted, but MICE will be eternally effective, or at least until such time as the Communists succeed in changing human nature.

Rich said...

Yes, a good, succinct read.
Yes, it doesn't look good.
But the Israelis remain a wild card likely to be played out sometime soon. The Russians have/will likely request that the US continue to work to prevent Israeli action. But Russian coaxing and the US buy-in to "discussions" with Iran may indeed set the stage for Israeli unilateral action. Certainly the Israelis greatly value US political support, but everything is weighed against their long-term survival. Let a naive State Dept "restrain" Israel again. Ensure that the Russians - and therefore the Iranians - are informed that Israel has committed to State to hold back at this time pending diplomatic progress.
If Israel believes they will need to act unilaterally, it may create the LAST best window to do so, at least in their calculus.

davod said...

"But the Israelis remain a wild card likely to be played out sometime soon."

Yes, but what then. Condi Rice's State Department all but wrote the UN complaint about Israel and Gaza, and would have signed it had not someone advised the White House of what they were doing.

If the Israelis did attack Iran, imagine the damage the Obamites could do on the international scene before Congress reigned them in. Condemning the Israelis. Announcing sanctions.

Attempting to overthrow or go around Netanyahu (As they suggested they would do to Karzai).