Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The IAF's Greatest Hits

Reflecting lessons learned in Lebanon two years ago, Israel is working to win the Gaza campaign on the battlefield--and on the internet.

As the IAF kicked off bombing raids against Hamas last Saturday, the IDF public affairs branch launched a YouTube channel, posting videos of air strikes against terrorist targets. The effort has a two-fold purpose: first, illustrate the rocket and mortar threat that prompted the Israeli campaign, and (secondly) highlight the IAF's attempts to avoid civilian casualties, through the use of precision intelligence and weaponry.

Those goals are evident in some of the latest videos released by the IDF. In a raid conducted earlier today, Israeli pilots eliminated a large stockpile of Palestinian rockets--stored in a mosque.

A second video shows an IAF strike on the offices of Hamas' Prime Minister, and a brief clip of armed Grad rocket launchers--just before they were destroyed.

There's also a longer, more recent video, entitled "Happy New Year From the IAF," with footage of F-16Is and Apache attack helicopters being prepped for missions in Gaza. The last half of the video includes the results of individual missions, shown in previous clips.

Finally, we haven't seen the footage of the IAF's latest success, the elimination of a senior Hamas official earlier today. That has to be disconcerting for the terrorists; when the IDF launched its campaign five days ago, Hamas leaders dispersed and went into hiding. The IAF's ability to track them down is another testament to the "precision intelligence" that forms the foundation of this operation.


Papa Ray said... new blog for IDF.

Happy New Year. All the best from us to you and yours.

Papa Ray
West Texas

lgude said...

There is no doubt the Israelis are playing this much much smarter than Lebanon but I am afraid the result will be the same. In my view they might as well attack the source - Iran regardless of the consequences because the consequences will only get worse.

section9 said...

Can I be blunt here?

Unless proven otherwise, let's play it safe and have absolutely no confidence in the Israeli Defense Forces. I have read absolute horror stories from American officers who have done after action stuff about the Lebanon Campaign. We have no reason, none, to be confident in their ground forces, especially when set in comparison to our superb units in Iraq and Afghanistan. The IDF of today is simply not the IDF of 1982.

Look at what they've placed outside of Gaza. The 7th Armored, the Golani, elements of the Givati, and some other independent units. Can anyone say that they have sufficient forces to take down a Gaza City that is controlled by 9-12,000 guys? I don't think so.

I am prepared to be surprised, but I think Olmert is up to one of his con games again. When it comes to the Israelis, I think the best policy for the U.S. is "trust but verify".

Captain USpace said...

Hamas are evil garbage, they must be eliminated. Then, if the rest of the 'Palestinians' really want peace they can give up their dream of destroying Israel, if not, they will never have peace.

Israel must destroy as much of Hamas as possible before the MSM and the idiots and ignorants whine loud enough for them to stop. They must only quit when they are ready.

For EVERY missile shot into Israel at least ONE missile should be returned to the area as close as possible to the shooter. Tit for tat. Every single missile should be returned. Period. Treat them like adults, if they kill, they will be killed. If they send missiles, they will receive them. That is the only way they will learn. Screw public opinion, force them to see the truth, or let them be damned.
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Unknown said...

Was wondering of someone can help me. The IDF has been using a weapon that is constantly shown on CNN, and described as some sort of new weapon. Here is the picture from Drudge:

Does anyone know what this is?