Monday, December 01, 2008

How Ookie Went Broke in the Big House

Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly has the details, from bankruptcy papers filed by the former NFL star.

Some of the expenditures are rather revealing. Along with the "usual expenses" (high-powered lawyers like Billy Martin don't work cheap), Vick also spent thousands of dollars on everything from his family, to a stable of race horses he once owned. Incidentally, Vick told the court that "he doesn't know the name" of the man who cares for his horses.

But our favorite item was a $65,000 expenditure, used to purchase a 2007 Infiniti for his fiancee. She keeps the car parked near the Leavenworth, Kansas prison where Vick is housed, so she'll have something to drive during her visits.

Cost of a cab ride from the Kansas City airport to Leavenworth: $60.

The next NFL star to join Vick on the "prison-and-bankruptcy" roster? Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants, who seems determined to throw away his pro football career, and that recently-signed, $35 million contract.

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