Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today's Reading Assignment

One of our favorite intel-related sites is "Haft of the Spear." A few days back, they posted a link to a transcript of Scott Carmichael's recent talk at the American Enterprise Institute. Mr. Carmichael is the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) counter-intelligence official who was largely responsible for identifying Ana Montes, the Cuban agent who worked as a DIA analyst for more than a decade, and passed some of our most sensitive information to Castro's regime. Carmichael faced a herculean task in building a case against Ms. Montes, who was viewed as a model employee, and advanced rapidly through the analyst ranks.

Carmichael's lecture (and subsequent Q&A session) make for fascinating reading. We also highly recommend Mr. Carmichael's book on the Montes case, "True Believer."

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