Monday, June 04, 2007

Today's Reading Assignment

From the 11 June issue of The Weekly Standard, Michael Fumento on "The Other War" in Afghanistan. The last line of his article--a comment from an Army lieutenant--is telling: "You can see victory on the horizon..but we just don't have the means to get there."

Or maybe we would, if some of our NATO "partners" actually pulled their weight in the operation. As Mr. Fumento reminds us, most of our allies still spend less than 2% of GDP on defense, and some of the largest NATO members (Germany, France) refuse to let their troops actually fight in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, some of our newest NATO partners (i.e. Romania) are doing a magnificent job under tough conditions.

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Thanks for linking to my piece, but the version on my website at has a sidebar omitted from the WS Online version, 15 photos, tons of hyperlinks, and a link to my entire Afghan photo set. Thanks!