Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Next Time Hillary, Obama or Edwards...

..touts their particular national health care scheme, just remember what a success it's been in places that already have it. England, for example.

Morale 'terrible' among UK doctors - Survey

The survey blames most of the morale problems on "cost-cutting" measures by the British government. Translated, that means that doctors in the U.K. are paid far less than their American counterparts, and the government limits the number of procedures that physicians can perform.

A first-hand account of the British health care system can be found in David Asman's article that appeared almost two years ago at Opinion Journal and in the pages of The American Spectator. While visiting London, Mr. Asman's wife suffered a serious stroke, and spent more than a month in British public health system. He found caring, competent professionals manning a system that is crumbling at the edges, without the incentives for efficiency and state-of-the art treatments that come with competition.

The Democratic presidential candidates are right about one thing: with enough tax increases, the U.S. can afford a national health care system, although the costs would be exorbidant, and the resulting "product" would be somewhere on the scale of a poor VA hospital, or what the Asmans encountered in London.

And believe me, that's something you don't want.

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shoprat said...

I guess they want every hospital in America to be run like Walter Reid. The people need to understand that this is what will happen to their local hospital if the gov't takes over.