Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Newsflash: We Agree With USA Today (Well, Sort of)

Our current, 67,204-page tax code is a monstrosity.

And, simplification is the answer.

But the solution does not lie in the recommendations of President Bush's 2005 Federal Tax Reform Panel, as the paper suggests. That panel was chaired by former Senators John Breaux of Louisiana and Connie Mack of Florida, but many of the staffers--who came up with the "solutions"--were tax attorneys, CPAs and former IRS officials. Yep, the same folks who've given us our current system. Think they're interested in real tax reform?

However, there is a way to fix the tax code, get rid of the IRS, make our country a global tax haven, and set the stage for the greatest economic boom in the history of the world.

The Fair Tax.


augurwell said...

Good Blog and article.
Re: Something like GST in Canada. Liberals ran on a mandate to remove the GST and then didn't after the election. It (GST) was a good idea that removed hidden taxes and Paul Martin even balanced the budget soon after.
Then the Liberals were thrown from the train after a scandal about something else.


Remember taxation without representation?

The Second American Revolution


Chesshire by Severn

augurwell said...

Please Note: The above comment should be checked for chronological errors. The gist of the comment is correct. Goods and Service Taxes (GST) apply the tax at point of sale and clearly states the tax as a percentage of that sale. It is a simple way to apply tax and the burden of tax reporting is with the retailer. Taxes are not paid in the blackmarket no matter
what kind of tax system is in place. In todays complex world Augurwell is wrestling with many complex solutions and sometimes makes mistakes but strives to be correct. GST was brought to Canada during the Reagan Administation. : ) by Canadian Republicans.

There are 7 or 8 wars going on at the same time right now and the fact that there are missing nukes and rogue pre-nuke nations trying to develope primative nukes that they say they will use and there are indications that nuke-blackmailing is going on, or soon will be going on at a greater rate, brings a sense of ugency to the problem. Once the terrorist has spent a nuke they lose much of their farking around ability - but 4-5 million people go up in smoke.

I think that one sloution is to enable Global Emergency Services, World Marshalls etc.
Her Majesty's Secret Service etc. operate behind the lines anyway and it would make the job done anyway easier if this were an open world.

United We Stand eleminates partisan politics.