Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Enemy of My Enemy

From today's on-line edition of Air Force Times: "Iran-made weapons are in Afghanistan."

That assertion was made at press briefing in Washington, by Joint Chiefs Chairman General Peter Pace. General Pace told reporters that coalition forces in Afghanistan have intercepted "Iranian-made munitions meant for Taliban militants" over the past month.

Pace's comments provided the first indication that Iran is broadening its support of terrorists fighting U.S. forces in the Middle East. Earlier this year, senior U.S. military officers displayed Iranian weapons that were captured in Iraq. American forces have also detained several members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Qods Force that were operating in that country. Qods Force personnel are believed to be the source for advanced improvised explosive devices that have killed more than 170 American troops in Iraq.

The weapons found in Afghanistan included mortars and C-4 plastic explosive. General Pace said it is "unclear" which Iranian elements may have provided the weapons. You may recall that Pace (and other senior DoD leaders) were criticized when they originally fingered Iran for assisting terrorists in Iraq. Some in the MSM suggested that the support came from "rogue elements" within the Iranian regime.

Let's cut to the chase. When the smoke clears and the Pentagon releases more definitive information, we'll discover that the Qods Force is behind the Afghan support effort as well. With its extensive ties to terrorist and insurgent groups, the Qods Force is most assuredly Tehran's vehicle for funneling arms to the Taliban.

The irony, of course, is that shia-controlled Iran is a traditional enemy of the Taliban. But in this case, the enemy of Tehran's enemy serves as a convenient proxy, so religious differences can be put aside (at least for now), in the common interest of killing more Americans.

All the more reason to hang on to the "Irbil 5," and round up even more Iranian agents operating in Iraq, and Afghanistan as well.


shoprat said...

And if we bring the troops home, how many Iranians and Iranian proxies will follow them here to continue the Jihad?

C-Low said...

"MSM suggested that the support came from "rogue elements" within the Iranian regime."

God I hate that,, even considering this true what it tells me is that Iran has basically become what Afghanistan a nation that had no control over their own territory to the extreme point of rogue elements killing foreigners. There is no reason to negotiate with people who cannot even control their own people who are trying to kill you openly, whets the point? It’s like taking a schizophrenic at his word to not kill again.

Shorprat why would Iran stop with Iraq & Afghanistan? Why stop at ME including Israel, why old disputed areas of N Africa or Balkans or Caucasus why stop short of world domination?

Even better one step further, I would ask: all those Jihadi's who are currently slating against our fully armed trained prepared soldiers "over there", were they going to go? Say just 10% get some extra training in English and are sent to the Big Satan's house imagine America the police state that will happen after a years worth of Beslens or VT's?

Surrender is not an option. When you are attacked you don't get the privilege of deciding when the fight stops, your only options are fight or surrender. I personally choose fight but if you want to consider surrender I suggest you go review Bin Ladens terms, go read his early works from the 90's leading up to his declaration of war on US and see what that option entails.

Whether we can come together today and fight to achieve victory or not is irrelevent. The Jihadi's will not stop short of absolute victory therefore the only real question is how much blood, how much pain, how much slaughter must we endure until enough of the west will accept what it takes to achieve victory over our enemy. How Much I personally was there in the late 90's and most of my friends reached that point on 9-11 what will it take for the rest?