Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's Reading Assignment

Republished at RealClearPolitics, Dan Henninger's OpinionJournal column on the dangers of using "old hands" to provide "fresh eyes" on Iraq.


Joe said...

That was a depressing read. Funny how the liberals have always demanded a policy of freedom for the world, not realpolitick, they got it for a few years and called it "blood for oil".

Now, the realpolitick policies will come back, we'll get bombs in new york followed by tomahawks in tehran. Then bigger bombs here, then, not blood for oil, blood for blood. Funny how life is always like that, if you do the hard work early, the rest is easier, when you put off the hard work you end up with all-nighters, and stress and cities in flame.

Papa Ray said...

Sounds like an end-around to me.

That is the only way Bush will get anything done.

Sub-ter-fuge...and De-ception.

Papa Ray