Thursday, November 30, 2006

And We're Supposed to Negotiate With These People?

ABC News is reporting that the U.S. has "smoking gun evidence" that Iran is supplying and training terrorists in Iraq. Duh.

In other news, the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group (ISG) has finished drawing up recommendations for our "new course" in Iraq. Along with a gradual pull-back of up to 15 combat brigades, the group is also recommending more aggressive diplomacy, including direct engagement with Syria and Iran.

Everyone proceed to the embassy rooftop in Baghdad. The evacuation helicopters ought to be arriving any moment now.

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Wanderlust said...

And every Dorktator or Madman in the Sandbox is now telling his children a variation on a popular Middle Eastern bedtime story:

"...and just when it seemed the worst, Allah sent a Frequent Wind to send all the slimy infidels away."

How much stupidity must we bear, before we rise to the fight?