Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree


The indefatigable Michelle Malkin and Boston talk radio icon Howie Carr have discovered that Congressman Kennedy had a second accident, in Rhode Island, two weeks ago.

For those keeping track, it's been almost 24 hours since the second wreck. Still no statement from Congressman Kennedy, or his press office in D.C. Where's the MSM outrage?


Roll Call
and Fox News are reporting that Congressman Patrick Kennedy, D-RI, was involved in a traffic "incident" on Capitol Hill early today. According to FNC correspondent Steve Centanni, Congressman Kennedy, the son of Senator Ted Kennedy, was driving with his lights off around 2:45 am, when he narrowly avoided a Capitol Police cruiser, and collided with a security barrier. Sources tell Roll Call that the younger Kennedy was staggering when he emerged from the car. However, officers on the scene were not allowed to administer a sobriety test. Supervisory officers eventually arrived on the scene and gave the Congressman a ride home. Police union representatives have asked their superiors to let officers complete their investigation.

Hey, at least he wasn't driving across a bridge. And apparently, no female "companions" were along for the ride.

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blert said...

Kennedy was never in the car when it went off the bridge.

He'd ALREADY bailed.

He would have never missed that fatal turn: he was a local and new the road by heart.

Mary Jo was speeding away from the police cruiser to avoid getting pulled over with her boss at the wheel.

When Kennedy was confronted the next morning by the police he was absolutely STUNNED to discover she'd died. All of those present agreed on that.

He realized that her death -- directly due to his flight to avoid arrest -- would be a felony on him: the absolute end of his political life.

Upon counsel from the family super attorney the wild and crazy story was ginned up.

Kennedy never had ANY of the bruises consistent with a wild ride and a wet dip: none.

Of course, the 'story' doesn't add up. The local police were completely intimidated by the Kennedy clan -- what with its mob connections.

It has taken decades to discover WITH DEATHBED TESTIMONEY that Joe bought the 1960 election from the MOB in Chicago. Daley was innocent!

This makes Nixon the only President to serve 6.5 years having been elected for 12!

Nixon in 1960 =
no bay of pigs
no Berlin Wall
no personal paranoia inre the press
no Watergate
etc, etc.

Thank you Joe.