Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crips and Bloods in BDUs

There's a disturbing report in today's Chicago Sun-Times about the appearance of gang symbols and graffitti in Iraq. This activity is a product of U.S. soliders who have maintained gang affiliations while in uniform. Members of rival gangs maintain a truce while serving in the military--even fighting side-by-side. But once they return to their home turf, all bets are off.

While it doesn't receive a lot of attention, there has been gang activity in the military for years, particularly in the Army and Marine Corps. Annecdotal evidence suggests that some gang leaders encourage some members to join the military, acquiring weapons and combat skills that might be useful when they return to civilian life--and the gangs.

Some of the Army officials interviewed by the Sun-Times believe the potential threat is overstated. But I believe the hand-writing is on the wall for big-city police departments around the country. If even a few of these highly-trained, urban warfare experts return to the gangs--and share their skills with others--local police need to invest in similar training and equipment for their officers.


M. Simon said...

We love our gangs. Which is why we have a Cocaine Price Support and Gang Finance Program.

And the public rationale for this program? Fighting a phantom menace.

Is Addiction Real?

BTW the new head of the NIDA is moving towards a "drugs do not cause addiction" thesis.

It might be of interest to see what the Israelis are doiing about combat induced addictions:


Or how we looked at the problem during and after the American Civil War.

Surprising that a spook is unaware of the latest finding in the field. As always it is what we know that ain't so that hurts us the most.

blert said...


It was not just the Mongols.

America, Germany, Britain, Russia... et al used 'expendable' punishment formations -- usually battalions.

The Dirty Dozen dances around truth: Bradley used punishement formations for clearing beach obstacles and more.

The Germans stripped the ranks off of all and created high numbered battalions/ regiments -- ie 996 regiment and such. These formations would be stuck in impossible to retreat from defensive possitions.

The Russians had their penal battalions -- the source of many a Russian 'volunteer' to the Nazi cause.

The fact is that EVERY army uses the foul-up to 'work the point.'

Gangsters in the Army? ... make 'em lifers.

EVERYBODY gets happy.