Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Remember Joel Hinrichs?

He was the supposedly depressed University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up last fall, less than 200 yards from a packed football stadium on the OU campus. The FBI Joint Terrorism task force quickly took the lead into investigating Hinrichs's demise, but the public was quickly assured that the young man was "troubled," and not a terrorist.

A bomb expert for the Norman, Oklahoma police department remains unconvinced. Michelle Malkin has the details.

Able Danger. The Hinrichs case. Potential Middle East ties to the OKC bombing. It's getting mighty crowded under that law enforcement/intelligence rug.

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Scott said...

First of all. Great Blog. It's one of the first that I read in the morning. The Joel Heinrichs case has troubled me from the beginning. There's got to be a story for the MSM to pursue on this but they are as quiet as anybody.