Friday, March 17, 2006

Mr. Feckless Strikes Again

Some people have no shame, tact, nor humility. Case in point: former Vice President Al Gore, now flacking his new "documentary" on Global Warming. As proof that his views on the topic are well-supported, Al cited the reception he received at a Grover Norquist-sponsored breakfast in D.C. in January. Mr. Gore claims his speech at the breakfast was met with widespread praise; in describing the event to Variety, the former VP said D.C. conservatives pratically stood up and cheered, saying "You're absolutely right."

Not so fast, Al. Even the Washington Post found those claims a little fishy, and did some checking. Turns out that Mr. Gore's reception at the breakfast wasn't quite as warm as reported. While response to his speech was polite, when it was over, exactly one--that's right, one--attendee approached the former VP and showered him with praise. Quite a difference between the "truth" and Al's distorted version of the event. About what we'd expect from the man "who invented the internet."

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