Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Letter of the Day

Courtesy John Fund of the WSJ, and Michelle Malkin. Yale grad Debbie Bookstabler (Class of '00) sent this letter to the university's president, Richard Levin, denouncing the admission of a former Taliban spokesman as a Yale student. Ms. Bookstabler's letter (reprinted below) is absolutely priceless, and beautifully captures Yale's institutional hypocrisy. The same university that has banned ROTC from campus and fought the Solomon Amendment has no problem with admitting a terrorist spokesman as an undergraduate. Kudos to Ms. Bookstabler, and to John Fund and Michelle Malkin.

Dear Mr. Levin,

My name is Debbie Bookstaber (Yale `00 BA/MA). I've volunteered as an ASC Interviewer every year since graduation.

Over the years, I've seen so many qualified students denied admission to Yale. While I was saddened to see these heartbroken students rejected, I understood that Yale just didn't have enough spots for all the amazing valedictorians with excellent SATs, impressive extracurriculars and an admirable history of community service.

You can imagine my shock when I read in the Wall Street Journal that Rahmatullah Hashemi, former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban, is now studying at Yale on a U.S. student visa. He has a "fourth-grade education and a high-school equivalency degree," but Yale was impressed that he "pulled down a 3.33 grade-point average" in a special students program. Judging from all the students I've seen rejected by Yale, a perfect 4.0 average isn't impressive enough to guarantee admission or even a wait-list spot, yet Yale was convinced that a 3.33 (a B+) was an adequate demonstration of academic talent? Since when has a B+ been considered impressive according to Yale's admissions standards?

My husband (David Bookstaber, Yale `99 and Captain, USAF) went to Yale on a ROTC scholarship. As an ROTC cadet, he had to commute over an hour to UCONN because Yale would not allow ROTC on campus. This was reportedly due to the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy the military uses to exclude homosexuals from serving openly. Even efforts to allow the military to recruit on campus in order to comply with the Solomon Amendment were met by fevered protests by many Yale students/professors as being inconsistent with Yale's standards of tolerance.

The last time I checked, the US military doesn't kill anyone for being a homosexual. Nor would any soldier-on-soldier hate crime ever be tolerated. On the other hand, the Taliban advocated murdering any homosexual and anyone else they felt violated their version of Islam. So ROTC isn't acceptable because it offends Yale's standards, but a Taliban leader who condones the Taliban's policy of brutally killing homosexuals and stoning women for not wearing a burka should be recruited lest Harvard win his matriculation?

Apparently when you combine a sub-par 4th grade education, a B+ college average in a special program, and a job history as a spokesperson for a regime that hates America, destroys priceless Buddhas, oppresses women, stones homosexuals, and enforces brutal sharia law in violation of UN Human Rights agreements, you have the magic formula for admission to Yale.

Next time I get a phone call from a high school senior in tears over Yale's rejection, I'll tell them to visit a local museum and blow up some sacred Buddhas, stone a homosexual or threaten to beat his/her mother to death if she refuses to wear a burka.

Thank you very much for helping me understand Yale Admissions.

Yours sincerely,
Debbie Bookstaber (Yale `00)


Andrewdb said...

While I am not going to defend Yale nor the Taliban, sadly soldier-on-soldier hate crimes are indeed tolerated in the US Armed Forces.

Alan Schindler was killed by his shipmates on the USS Belleau Woods because he was gay.

Barry Winchell was killed at Ft. Cambell.

Last month Kyle Lawson was discharged from Ft. Huachuca becasue he is gay - the command is refusing to pursue charges against the soldier who attacked him.

There is still much work to be done on this archaic policy.

Howard said...

Yeah, but the guy hates Bush and America just like the Yale faculty. Grow up Debbie and use your Yale so-called degree as toilet paper.