Monday, June 01, 2015

Most-Overlooked Quote from Last Week:

Meanwhile, the stock market's still over 18,000; there's that new Star Wars film in a few weeks, and Rand Paul has single-handedly stopped the bad ol' NSA from collecting your cell phone records.  Meanwhile, ISIS remains on the march; China has become increasingly aggressive in its posturing, and the GOFO's comments are almost certainly a reference to Mr. Putin and his ambitions.  But the masses can't be bothered, and their elected leaders don't want to admit how bad the situation really is.   

It was the same way in the summers of 1914 and 1939.  Unfortunately, we don't have a Churchill to sound the clarion call this time around and even if we did, he or she would be dismissed as a crank, bigot, homophobe or any other label required to shut them up.

Among the day's more important stories (as determined by our betters in the MSM): Kendall Jenner almost had a wardrobe malfunction!   

Sleep well, America.         


Vigilis said...

Meanwhile, U.S. diplomacy has rendered a quiescent world with no admitted wars. Iran will not use nukes (which it has never wanted) for aggression, the U.S. will degrade ISIL until ISIS volunteers are "defeated" (by natural death from old age), autonomous zones for sharia law will become the norm in every state, and cartoons will be banned everywhere, including Italy where they originated.

Amid such daily sell-outs, treachery, nonsense and corruption, we are reminded that things might be even worse. Fortunately for us, on April 2, 2015, Netflix commissioned a fourth season of its 'House of Cards' to premiere in 2016.

Apparently, this renewal has encouraged Democrat Frank Underwood's real-life prototype to announce as a hawkish candidate for Republican president. Lindsey Graham and his "bipartisan gangs of ___" (pick a number of senate lawyers plus John McCain and a token Democrat non-lawyer) colleagues will be lucky to come off any more trustworthy than Frank Underwood.

Corky Boyd said...

Perhaps this report has something to do with this official's concern. If Hamas can't handle ISIS, who can? Can you imagine Hamas Seeking protective support from Israel? Could happen.“Islamic-State-of-Jerusalem”-sighted-on-Israeli-border

sykes.1 said...

The GOFO was probably thinking of John McCain and Gen. Breedlove, both of whom are actively agitating for a military intervention in Ukraine. Putin is entirely reactive and won't initiate anything.

China is another matter. I can see them shooting down one of our reconnaisance planes overflying their new islands.

If we do get into a shooting war this summer, we will lose.