Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Connect the Dots

...Al Qaida was/is reportedly planning a Mumbai-style attack against cities in Western Europe.

...The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is refusing comment. That's often a sign that the information is credible, and the spy masters are upset that someone blabbed before all the suspects could be rounded up, or the plot was completely foiled.

...Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal says a recent surge in U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan is part of an effort to disrupt possible attacks in Europe.

...And the U.S. is also a potential target, according to ABC News and Britain Sky News.

But before you say this is nothing out of the ordinary, consider this unusual twist that might related. On Tuesday, federal, state and local law enforcement agents were stopping--and inspecting--all west-bound tractor-trailers traveling on I-20 out of Atlanta. At the height of the evening rush hour, no less.

A spokesman for the TSA told WSB-TV that the search was part of a "training exercise." But the station's investigative reporter, Mark Winne, learned from other sources that the inspections are part of a counter-terrorism operation.

Obviously, there's a big difference between an "operation" and an "exercise." Additionally, we've never heard of this type of drill being conducted on a major interstate highway, during rush hour, with participation by all levels of law enforcement. So, it sounds like something beyond training prompted that traffic jam on I-20 Tuesday afternoon.

But, before we connect that final dot, it is worth noting that the European plot apparently didn't involve large trucks or radioactive devices. The trucks being searched on I-20 west of Atlanta were screened with a radiation detector (and other devices), according to WSB.

Ultimately, we will defer to the experts on this one. If you're a security or law enforcement official who can shed a little more light on this operation, please drop us a line at, or Your confidentiality is assured.


Unknown said...

Keep up the good work.

Vigilis said...

GS, whatever its actual purpose, the I-20 West exercise/operation may have a curious precedent.

A fatal tractor-trailer accident, reported today, occurred in Texas on eastbound I-20 this past Monday. While identities of two deceased victims are reported, the identity of the 18-wheeler's driver has not been.

Story here:

Storms24 said...

Just a guess, but the I-20 inspection activity likely has more to do with trying to shut down the large shipment narcotics scale that have been detected flowing along that corridor in recent months... (and I'd be curious as to whether the source could tell the difference between a radiation detector and an airborne particulate matter detector).

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Moe. Well done. Stuff is going to happen soon in this country. Stand by and bring it on!