Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's See How the Media Plays This One ..

Today's headline from World Net Daily:

Report: Scott Ritter arrested in another sex sting: Former chief U.N. weapons inspector accused of exposing himself to 'teen'

Report Chelsea Schilling has the disturbing details:

Scott Ritter of Delmar, N.Y., who served as chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991-98 and stated that President Bush should be impeached for his Iraq policy, is accused of having sexual conversations and performing sexual acts on a Web camera in front of a police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl.

As WND reported, Ritter was also arrested in 2001 and charged with attempting to meet an under-aged girl for a sexual encounter. New York media coverage indicated Ritter sought to have underage girls watch him have sex with himself in public places. The arrest record was sealed and the case reportedly dismissed.

This time around, Barrett Township police officer Ryan Venneman posed as 15-year-old "Emily" in an online chat room. A person with the screen name "Delmarm4fun" contacted "Emily," explaining that he was a 44-year-old man from Albany, the Pocono Record reported.

According to the police affidavit, "Delmarm4fun" was later identified as Ritter.

Ritter asked "Emily" for a photograph and sent the police officer a link to his Web camera so he could film himself during a sexual act. He provided "Emily" with his cell phone number and asked again how old she was. When "Emily" responded, Ritter turned off the camera. He claimed he didn't realize she was 15 and said he didn't want to get in trouble.

Initially, media coverage of Ritter's latest run-in with the law has been limited to local outlets around Albany, New York, not far from where he lives. And, interestingly enough, it took months for the latest charges to surface. Ritter's conversation with under-cover officers took place almost a year ago; police later obtained court orders to obtain his cell phone and computer records.

The matter entered the courts system last month, when the former U.N. weapons inspector waived his right to a preliminary hearing last month. According to WND, Ritter is currrently free on $25,000 unsecured bail. His next court appearance will be on 23 February.

When Ritter was previously arrested in 2001, he claimed the charges were part of a smear campaign against him because of his criticism of U.S. policy in the Middle East. But for someone supposedly being smeared, Ritter received extremely favorable treatment. Not only were the charges dismissed (and his record sealed), but the case was apparently so "secret" that the lead local prosecutor was unaware of the matter.

Something tells us that local authorities may be less forgiving this time around. As for the MSM, The New York Daily News has picked up the story, along with The New York Post, The BBC and even the Huffington Post. However, the "paper of record," The New York Times, shows no interest in the case. Ditto for the broadcast networks and the Washington Post. Incidentally, local prosecutors in Monroe County held a press conference on Ritter's latest arrest this afternoon. Maybe that will spur the NYT into action. Then again, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Its hit the news wire here in Canada.

Corky Boyd said...

I wish this website had contact address to pass on information. I would prefer to communicate with you that way rather than in the comments section.

The real question about Scott is why did he change from a hawk on Saddam's nuclear ambitions during the Clinton presidency and pussycat under Bush. The change was a devastating setback to our inspection efforts. We all take delight in the exposure of Ritter's sexual proclivities, that somehow it is fitting justice to this scumbag. But there is a bigger story here.

Over on American Thinker DaleinAtlanta, a former Marine, posted a very revealing picture of Scott Ritter. Here it is:

Posted by: DaleinAtlanta Jan 14, 04:44 PM

"Well, you all are missing part of the story.

As a FORMER Marine myself, I've been telling anyone who would listen, what a piece of @#$%& this guy is, for years.

Why he's not in jail, for Treason, as well as being a Pedeophile, I don't know!

He was a Marine Intel Office, and he was sent to Central Asia, as one of the Weapons Inspectors helping the former Soviet Republics, dispose of their Nukes, when the Soviet Union fell apart.

He hooked up with a Russian "lady" over there, who was clearly a KGB Agent, and began an "affair" with her.

A clear violation of the UCMJ, as Ritter was married to an American lady Stateside at the time, and an egregious violation for someone in a sensitive spot, and job, over in the former Soviet Union; and one that he should have known better.

Regardless, he returned the US, and was being "watched" by not only the Marine Corps, but the FBI for his dalliance with the Russian KBG lady.

He ended up divorcing his American Wife, and married the Russian Lady, which should have been the end of his Marine/Intel Career. Shortly afterwards, he was attending a Career-level Professional School in Quantico, VA, and the Gulf War started, and he decided that he was needed in the Gulf, so he told the Marine Corps he would resign his Commission as an Officer, if they did not transfer him from the school, to the CENTCOM AOR.

The Marine Corps called his bluff, and he put in his resignation. After he put in his resignation, the Marine Corps did transfer him to CENTCOM, where he worked for Swartzkoff as said above, but his career...deservedly so, was over. He lost his school seat, and his commission in the Corps; again, deservedly so.

Then, it was off to the UN Weapons Inspection Team in Iraq; where he tried to burnish his tarnished career and reputation, by acting like a hardass against Saddam & the cheating Iraqis, publically criticizing Clinton and Albright (which they deserved, and he was correct, by the way!); was called to testify in front of Congress by John McCain, etc., and was generally a "darling" of the Republicans at the time....and since he was correct at that time, again, no harm, no foul.

But, he then hooked up with an Iraqi Acquaintence in this time period, and accepted $250,000 to make a "documentary" that was basically a puff-piece/pro-Saddam propaganda piece!

Talk about being for Sale!

And Cheap too!

He then became a vehement critic of the Bush Administration/"expert" on the Iraq War/Commentator; bouyed by his $250,000 from Saddam/Iraqi Intelligence (no doubt); and then overnight became a darling of the Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Hollywood Democratic Left in this country.

Bottomline, Ritter, since he's a pervert, Pedeophile, and for Sale, and a @#$%& piece of S@$%, makes a better "Democrat" than "Republican"....any day!

And whatever that fat, piece-of-S&%$ is now, he has NEVER, been a "Marine".!

He may have been mistakenly issued a Marine Uniform at one time, but he has NEVER been, and NEVER will be, a "Marine"!"

George Smiley said...


You can reach Nate at; my email is


Chaim said...

Like a moth to the flame, Ritter doesn't disappoint.

What a POS. I hope he gets all he deserves.