Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Reading Assignment

"Planning Victory in Afghanistan," by Dr. Frederick Kagan, one of the principal architects of the troop surge in Iraq. In his essay, published by NRO, Kagan lists nine principles the Obama Administration should follow to win the Afghan war.

Well worth the read.

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lgude said...

Hard to keep the Kagans separate. I believe his wife Kimberly runs the Institute for the Study of War and his brother Robert made a major contribution to the planning and selling of the surge. I was surprised how much detail of the surge plan was revealed by Kimberly's detailed articles at the above institute website about the surge plan as it unfolded. Sadly, I doubt that the Kagans will have much effect on the administration, but I hope Obama gets the simple idea that walking away from Afghanistan is a terrible option. Also after reading this essay I understand much better why General Petraeus faces an uphill battle.