Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Reading Assignment

"How to Survive Media Bias," a primer found in Kathryn Jean Lopez's most recent syndicated column, and reprinted at NRO. She recounts the recent, MSM "hatchet job" on Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, who was pilloried for on MSNBC's "Hardball," for questioning Barack Obama's ties to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

This is an unrepentant terrorist who says he wishes he would have bombed more people. Remember, this is a man who bombed the Pentagon and was happy to be bombing Americans, as well. This is not a person that the president of the United States would want to be associated with.

For her troubles, Ms. Bachmann was called a "hatemonger"--and worse. As Ms. Lopez reports, left wing talk show host Mike Malloy (he's still on the air?) likened the Congresswoman to someone who would "have rounded up Jews for the Nazis," or given typhoid-infected blankets to native Americans.

After that dust-up, Bachmann was given up for dead, at least politically. The Republican National Committee reportedly pulled funding for her campaign, leaving Ms. Bachmann on her own. Democrats were salivating at the prospect of another seat falling into their column.

But Congresswoman Bachmann didn't give up. She fought back, speaking directly to her constituents, largely through talk radio. And, she eeked out a narrow victory on Election Night, while scores of other Republicans went down to defeat.

As Ms. Lopez notes, there's a lesson for the GOP in Michelle Bachmann's successful effort to keep her seat. It's the same advice we offered a few days ago. Republicans need to embrace their "media base," and it isn't MSNBC, the broadcast networks, or dinosaur print publications.

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Norm said...

Of course, the real question is why Michelle Bachmann went on Hardball in the first place. Nothing good could have ever come of it. Lots of resources were consumed defending her seat that could have been better spent elsewhere. I like Michelle, but this was a boneheaded move on her part.