Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Business as Usual in Waziristan

After high-level pressure to crackdown on Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists in its territory, Pakistan responded with last week's arrests of Mullah Obaidullah, the Taliban's former Defense Minister, and two other top commanders.

But, as Bill Roggio reports, the crackdown ended almost as soon as it began. More troubling, it appears as though the "peace accords" in North and South Waziristan will remain in effect, giving the terrorists de facto control of these territories along the Afghan border.

As we've noted before, the future of Afghanistan will be largely determined by what happens in Pakistan's territorial lands, where Al Qaida and the Taliban are rebuilding their support and training structure. Business as usual in Waziristan is bad news for NATO troops across the border, and the Afghan regime they support.

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