Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The "Other" Headline From General O'Reilly's Speech

There was a lot of news from yesterday's speech by Brigadier General Patrick O'Reilly, Deputy Director of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency. Not only did he report significant progress in our own missile defense efforts, he also outlined the most compelling reason for moving ahead with BMD:

"North Korea and Iran are Cooperating in Developing Long-Range Missiles."

O'Reilly's statement marked the first time that the Pentagon has publicly confirmed cooperation between Pyongyang and Tehran in ballistic missile research. In his remarks (to the George C. Marshall Institute), General O'Reilly essentially confirmed a recent Aviation Week article that outlined joint North Korean-Iranian missile efforts. O'Reilly noted that Tehran's publicly-stated efforts to develop a space launch vehicle could produce an ICBM--capable of hitting the CONUS--within a decade.

Our thoughts on this issue (which were published last Friday) can be found here.

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