Saturday, December 16, 2006

Drudge Joins the Fray..

...with a link to a story we first noted on Tuesday, concerning the possible murder of Ukranian babies for stem cells.

Making this matter even more tragic: medical science has yet to develop a single, effective treatment from embryonic stem cells. On the other hand, stem cells harvested from umblical cord blood are now being used in more than 70 medical trials.

We still wonder is Senator-elects Claire McCaskill and Ben Cardin of Maryland will call for an investigation of this matter. Both shamelessly exploited the issue in the recent campaign, insinuating that the GOP opposed stem cell research. That was a lie, of course, and both candidates said nothing about the dark side of embryonic cell research, now apparently on display in the Ukraine.

We'd also like a comment from their spokesman, actor Michael J. Fox. It would be nice if the BBC (which broke the Ukraine story) could track him down, and ask if this growing scandal has affected his views on stem cells, and the sometimes-ruthless effort to acquire them.

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