Friday, December 15, 2006

Bad Place to Hide

Last month, we reported on a major battle between U.S. forces and terrorists near Baghdad. We've since heard from one of the participants in that engagement, who offered this interesting sidelight. In an effort to hide from coalition forces, the insurgents moved through the canals that criss-cross the area (about 50 miles from Balad AB) , and used the waterways for cover.

The tactic worked--up to a point. With embankments on either side, it was difficult for U.S. forces to spot the terrorists in the canals. But from the air, it was a different story. During one skirmish, a U.S. drone spotted a platoon-sized group of insurgents hiding in a canal. An air liaision officer (ALO) assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division called in an airstrike. Moments later, an F-16 dropped cluster munitions on the assembled terrorists, killing all of them.


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Mike H. said...

Outstanding, see what happens when they're not at funerals?