Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quick Hits

Your humble correspondent is on the road (again). Here are some headlines that caught my eye:

Gas prices keep falling. Duh. They've been falling for the past three weeks, and Larry Kudlow predicted that oil prices could fall to $40 a barrel later this week. BTW, I bought gas for $2.36 a gallon along I-70 this morning. Another example of the MSM "withholding" good news until the last possible moment. Wouldn't want the administration to get any credit (as if they deserve any).

Live from the bathroom. CNN's Kyra Phillips gets caught with her skirt up and her mouth open.

Is this any surprise? I'm sure the U.N. is already drafting a "strongly-worded statement," asking Iran to stop. An Air Force general (who shall go unnamed) recently said that "carpet bombing" is the only answer to the Iranian problem.

See you down the road.


Coach Mark said...

Enjoy your time off and we look forward to your upcoming posts.

M said...

"I may be paranoid, but that doesn't mean people are'nt out to get me...."

It is curious how "these technical" gaffes seem to happen whenever a Bush administration official is on CNN.....hmmmm