Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Invitation to Disaster

In response to expanding IDF operations in southern Lebanon, Syria is reportedly increasing its military readiness. Citing Israel's "barbaric war of annihilation," Syrian President Bashir Assad said he had directed his nation's military to increase its alert level. Assad claims that Syria will not abandon support for Lebanese (read: Hizballah) resistance against Israel.

From what I can gather, Syria's preparations (so far) appear to be largely defensive in nature, including increased dispersal activity among key units. Having been suprised in the past--and mercilessly hammered by the IAF--the Syrians are apparently taking no chances this time around. Besides, even Bashir Assad understands that his military is no match for the Israeli Defense Forces, even with on-going operations in Lebanon. True, Syria could cause some problems for the IDF (particulary with its ballistic missile arsenal), but Damascus would pay a severe price for such a misadventure, far more than Assad can afford.

Expect Syria to continue the "heroic" rhetoric--while quietly continuing efforts to protect key military systems for Israeli attack. Challenging Israeli militarily is an invitation to disaster, hence the emphasis on "hide and cover."

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M. Simon said...

The best thing to do would be to entice Syria to attack.