Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon's Fate

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon is back in surgery this morning, in an effort to relieve intra-cranial pressure. His prognosis remains extremely grim, according to the Israeli daily Haartez. Doctors have reportedly found new bleeding in Sharon's brain, only one day after they conducted a nine-hour operation to repair damage from a massive cerebral hemorrhage, suffered on Wednesday afternoon.

One Israeli neurosurgeon told Haaretz that Sharon's chances of waking up soon are "close to zero." He also observed that most doctors would not have performed surgery on a patient in Sharon's condition, underscoring the massive nature of the stroke, and the high probability that the PM will not survive his illness.

This blog has confirmed that senior Israeli officials and security personnel were informed of Sharon's death on Thursday morning, but an official announcement never came. At some point, a decision was made to continue heroic medical efforts to keep Sharon alive. But if recent medical updates are any indication, doctors are facing an increasingly uphill battle, and Mr. Sharon's may have only hours to live.

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