Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Liberal Ignorance (and Idiocy) on Display

Thanks to Radio Blogger, here's a transcript of last night's conversation between Hugh Hewitt and Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein. Mr. Stein agreed to appear on Hugh's radio program after announcing (in his most recent column) that he doesn't support the troops because he doesn't support the war.

Read the transcript carefully. In his comments, Stein reveals a near-total ignorance of our military, and the challenges they face in Iraq. He also seems hard-pressed to identify anyone he knows who is currently serving on active duty. But that didn't stop Mr. Stein from pronouncing the Iraq War as unjust, and our troops unworthy of his support.

It's one of the most devastating take-downs of a liberal talking head that you'll ever read--or hear. Somewhere in the LA Basin, an upscale village is clearly missing an idiot.

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